iungo [ˈjʊŋ.ɡoː](latin)

to unite, connect, bridge, make by joining

We have been working together since early during our university studies in architecture, and have been awarded in local and international design competitions. Further, while gaining experience in acclaimed design studios across Europe, we have continued to approach themes and ideas together.

Founded as a melting pot, Iungo Studio aims to transform observations that arise from challenging questions into novel ideas that have an impact on the physical world. These questions come from people who dream and search for ways of improving their environment but also from our own thoughts and experiences.

Through diverse architectural and design explorations, we are striving to achieve the fundamental Quality which transcends particular tools or techniques. Ultimately, this is the core of our motivation.

Ovidiu Balan


Ovidiu grew up in the unspoiled countryside environment of post-communist Romania. As a child, driven by an attraction to flight and with a hand for craft, he built model airplanes, a crossbow and, in his early teens, a paraglider harness.

He studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK. As a student, his questioning and insightful attitude brought him acknowledgment in several international architecture competitions among which he was awarded at Contemporary Bridge Competition Berlin and finalist at Design for Death Competition Singapore in 2013.

Ovidiu successfully collaborated with acclaimed architecture studio Archaeus , gaining first prize at the regional architecture competition in 2014.

Further, Ovidiu brought a consistent input as an interior and product designer with Ezzo Design. The overall success of projects during this period is partly due to the relationships developed with his clients. He has the ability to perceive and interpret understated subtleties and puts an emphasis on the common ground which is central to good design.

After leaving Ezzo Design, Ovidiu starts a succesful collaboration with Twins Studio in Bucharest, an interior design practice which recently gained international acknowledgment, being awarded the 2015 Restaurant and Bar Award with project “Biutiful by the Lake”.

Alex Cheregi


Alex spent his childhood in multicultural Transylvania. He was happiest when discovering and interacting with the natural world, be it the serenity associated with fishing or the sense of adventure inspired by an unmarked forest path. At an early age, he started re-creating his experiences through drawings.

Later on, his aptitude for drawing and passion for spatial geometry drove him to study architecture at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and Sapienza University in Rome. While being a student, Alex’s artistic sensibility and quest for purposeful design was recognized and led him to collaborate with studio Archaeus on several design competitions. Among several accomplishments, they were awarded first prize at the regional architecture competition with their social enterprise for silk manufacturers, “Borangic”.

In London, Alex collaborates with the boutique practice VA, mainly bringing an input within the high end residential sector, along with other architecture and design commissions. The scale and context of his works involve a hands on engagement in all stages of development.

The exploration of the relationship between the untamed natural world and the discipline of man-made creations continues to be at the core of his interests.