Type: Interior, Restaurant

Theme, context:
We were appointed to design and manage the extension of Tootoomoo - Pan Asian restaurants in Whetstone, North London. The existing unit, which opened in 2015, will be doubled in size, our clients aiming to add a cocktail bar area at the front and a versatile dining area at the rear.

Working with an emerging brand, we had the chance to choose and alter existing branding elements, and therefore to take another step in Tootoomoo's development. Aiming to relate with elements of the East Asian culture, we chose to employ materials and elements that would usually be scrapped, covered or "decorated", starting with exposing the dense texture of load bearing brick walls and old patches of rendering.
Salvaged timber joists are used as cladding, bar counters and displays, the messy brick interior of a demolished chimney is highlighted as a feature, the concrete lentil forming the passage to the existing restaurant are shown raw, all furniture is made on site out of salvaged materials or re-used and most decor elements have been sourced from London's flea markets.
Therefore our way of referencing East Asian culture was to create a vibrant atmosphere through up-cycling and making a more thoughtful use of resources.

Type: Interior, Restaurant

Location: London, UK

Status: Concept, 2016