Type: Interior, Restaurant

Theme, context:
Iungo Studio was appointed to extend and redesign TAS - an authentic Turkish restaurant that has, for the past 10 years, been serving the South London community.
The clients - passionate about researching authentic recipes and ingredients and experimenting with fire-cooking techniques - aimed to create an interior that incorporates elements from their culture and facilitates a well-rounded experience for the diners. An experience in which the carefully crafted recipes can be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

The extension was made possible by converting the next-door grocers and merging it with the existing space. An open kitchen - showcasing a traditional charcoal grill and stone oven - and bar sit at the center. To further help unify the two spaces, a cohesive central volume is defined by a counter featuring geometric detailing and referencing the Arabic influence in Turkish cuisine and culture. The volume is wrapped in a series of striped arches - resembling both the arched stone oven and the restaurant's former graphic signs which are embedded in the community's memory. This achieves a visual filter from the restaurant while maintaining a dialogue between the two spaces - the piping hot skewers right from the grill and cocktails served on the bar side establish the counter as a vibrant interaction point.
Colorful light bulbs - an interpretation of Turkish mosaic glass lamps - are placed at the front to visually draw attention in. The front of the restaurant is made of bifold windows which open up fully, to allow the parapet to be used as a bar for drinks and small bites. This connection to the outdoor terrace could also facilitate ordering and dining in the event of a new health crisis. Moving towards the back of the restaurant, a collection of varied well-defined spaces is to be found - including an intimate space aggregated around a central skylight and well-suited for larger group dining.
Sustainable materials have been prioritized, such as the parquet flooring which is composed of oak offcuts put together in square assemblies. Natural materials, such as the decorative clay plaster, composed entirely of natural raw compounds mixed with clay from Cornwall, have been used to add texture and warmth to the space. The interior also features reclaimed furniture, with the Praag chair being an example.
The color palette is centered around a deep teal - inspired by the shades of turquoise that are widely used in Turkey - balanced by lighter but textured greens, deep-brown oak tones, and black accents.

Type: Interior, Restaurant

Status: Completed, 2021

Published: enkimagazine

Photo: Iungo Studio, Tolga Yilmaz

Location: London, UK