Shinzo Spa
Type: Interior, Hospitality

Theme, context:
Located in a prominent neighbourhood siding North Bucharest’s ample lakes and gardens, Shinzo is intended to be an urban spa set within a converted ground floor unit of a post war residential building. Limitations deriving from the restrictive existing layout of the property as well as its initial use as office have been meticulously considered and later helped shape our design concept.
Central to the brief, a distinctive Japanese inspired character would add to the warm, textural and soft atmosphere, thus enabling the new establishment stand out within a competitive area in the field of wellness brands.
Aiming to deliver a high quality spa within a restrictive layout, the first layer of our design development was the sustained transformation of the existing arrangement of rooms into a sequence of flowing, sinuous spaces, fully reshaped by the introduction of an array of curved surfaces and textures. This initial step enabled the resulting spaces to sustain creating an experience based on a soft and pleasant atmosphere.
Aiding the transformation, a series of ample, backlit, rice paper inspired walls have been proposed to suggest openness and serenity, as well as to flood the massage rooms in warm, soft light. Balancing an abundant overlay of textures from soft curved tones of oak and paper to the courser cane weave, jute and linen fabrics and through the hard, earth coloured ceramics, the monochrome palette adds interest through its richness while not subtracting from the serenity of the wellness experience.

Type: Interior

Status: Completed, 2023

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Photo: Alexandru Ionita