Type: Interior, Bar

Theme, context:
We were appointed to design a cocktail bar located in the historical centre of Timisoara, within a secession style building dating from the early 1900's.
Being positioned on a corner, the interior space benefits of high ceilings and large openings towards the surrounding streets, as well as a mezzanine area.
Over the last two decades, the interior passed through several conversions and refurbishments, leaving it covered with multiple layers of partitions and finishes which severely transformed the original characteristics of the space.
Our client aims to create an intimate leisure space for the local comunity of young professionals with an accent on the close, casual relationship between the bartender(s) and customers. Along with important budget constraints we decide to develop the bar area as a main focus point.

Strolling around the pedestrian area of the historical city center on summer evening, one notices the tall, open windows of the decorated secession building on the corner.
Inside, a long wooden bar where the bartender looks like the host of a house party. From above the guests, a warm, soft light comes through a dense network of almost indistinguishable thin white bars and wine bottles, a seemingly random structure floating above the space.

Type: Interior, Bar

Status: Completed, 2016

Collaborator: Sebastian Ursuta

Photo: Ovidiu Micsa

Location: Timisoara, Romania