Type: Product design

Theme, context:
The lifestyle of young professionals, living in major cities around the world, is continuously being shaped by new forces. In the contemporary context that results, established forms of residential configuration struggle to respond to the needs and wishes of young design enthusiasts.

As small apartments, located in the buzz of the city center, are the preferred choice of young active people, the intelligent management of space becomes the norm. We have been approached by a friend who was having difficulties finding an adjustable table to suit her modern flat in central London.

After looking at traditional dining layouts, working desks, breakfast counter tops and private bars, we made use of the subtle elements that connect them to create a smart and adaptable object. Moreover, we wanted to avoid making any compromises due to the added function, unlike existing options. Essentially, the adjustable table that we propose, incorporates some of its intended owner's traits: versatility, openness and freedom of choice.

Type: Product design

Status: Completed

Photo: Bruno Barriguelli