Type: Architecture & Interior, Residential

Theme, context:
Iungo Studio has been selected to undertake the design of a new house situated on a long yet narrow plot in a low-rise residential area in North Bucharest. The surroundings comprise mostly houses constructed in the 1990s, lacking significant architectural appeal. Despite this, the site benefits from a favorable orientation, with the street boundary facing North and a South-facing rear garden that opens up to a nearby lake. The site, although not without challenges, presents unique possibilities for creative design solutions.

Our proposal is centered around embracing the contextual limitations to craft a series of inviting and expansive spaces that seamlessly connect with the outdoors, bathe in natural light, and offer views of the lake.
Given the long and narrow nature of the site, our design envisions a house divided into two distinct sections, articulated by a glazed passageway that houses a spiral staircase. This passageway serves a dual purpose by not only adding a sculptural element to the house but also flooding the central area with natural light through two intimate light-wells.
The rear side of the house thoughtfully opens up to embrace views of the garden and the lake. This integration of the exterior is evident in the ground floor open living space, where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur, creating a seamless living experience. Moving upstairs to the master bedroom level, one can find a freestanding bathtub sat near large sliding doors, allowing the occupants to enjoy views of the lake while having a relaxing bath.
Simultaneously, the volume of the house takes a step back from the boundary on the first floor, thoughtfully accommodating lake views from the front wing of the house as well. This section houses the home office on the ground floor and two bedrooms above. In contrast to the open rear, this area prioritizes intimacy and privacy, achieved through carefully placed openings that offer just the right amount of natural light while enhancing the house's energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss in the cooler, Northern regions of the site.

Type: Architecture & Interior, Residential

Status: Completed, 2023

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Photo: Iungo Studio