Type: Interior, Residential

Theme, context:
Iungo Studio was appointed to re-design an apartment located on the first floor of one of Bucharest`s new-build residential developments, in the now established business quarter of the capital.
The existing flat was furnished in a rather generic manner and, while featuring good quality finishes, it failed to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its resident.
Our client, a young professional in her twenties, longed for the warmth and hospitable qualities of a home that would both balance out the hustle and bustle of the metropolis as well as define a welcoming environment for entertaining friends and guests.

We developed the concept around the reiteration of the apartment`s boundaries in the form of a meandering cladded surface. This softens the space, establishes the main areas and provides a warm background, further enhanced by the different types of lights and shadows, from daylight to a variety of adjustable lighting set-ups.
Apart from defining spaces and transitions, the soft cladding incorporates a range of equipment, from utilities such as storage space and a concealed TV to more prominent provisions, including the fireplace and sitting areas for reading and entertaining.
The material used to make the curved panels is carefully manufactured to highlight the process of transforming a solid board into a curved surface by the introduction of vertical thin slices which are then assembled to materialise the curves. The sheets themselves always remain flat and solid.
The array of soft furnishings, panelling, lights and shadows is then balanced by the introduction of stone and ceramics, from the open kitchen`s backsplash to functional accessories such as table lamps. The sophisticated, pared-back colour palette contributes to creating a living space that is intuitive, seamless and comforting.

Type: Interior, Residential

Status: Completed, 2021

Photo: Iungo Studio

Location: Bucharest, Romania