Type: Architecture, Competition

Competition theme:
For the Venice Architecture Bieanalle of 2014, the major theme was entitled 'Fundamentals'. Participating national pavilions were to analyze and present a phenomenon that took place in each country over the past century and played an important role in the national architecture.

Our proposal for the Romanian pavilion draws upon the major transformations that took place under the communist regime. On one hand, we illustrate how forced industrialization led to the destruction of historical monuments and landscapes, the displacement of large numbers of individuals and their forced relocation and re-qualification as factory workers . In an almost parallel world, we expose the contrasting reality of forgotten villages and rural lifestyles, which maintained an unaltered core despite the regime's attempts to spread its ideology. Our aim is to bring a glimpse of each of these opposed worlds together and to create the surreal opportunity for the visitor to cross between them.

Type: Architecture, Competition

Location: Venice, Italy

Status: Concept, 2014