Type: Architecture, Modular House

Theme, context:
The construction technologies currently being implemented around the world consist in a high number of specialized parts and layers which are working together and the trend is towards further sophistication of construction detailing. In our opinion, this direction leads to a high amount of energy required for designing, manufacturing and implementing details. There are important studies showing the paradox of putting more energy into the production of a well insulated building, than the amount that would ever be saved during its lifetime.

What we are looking to develop, is an alternative concept of construction system. The proposed modular panel would incorporate the characteristics of conventional layers combination but with the advantage of a short and inexpensive manufacturing process followed by a straight forward implementation. Module 01 unites the aluminum structure, efficient and adjustable thickness thermal insulation and waterproofing into one ready-made panel that would further be transported, assembled, re-assembled and finally recycled at low costs.

Type: Architecture, Modular House

Collaborator: Sebastian Ursuta

Status: Concept, 2014